Erosion Control

Directing and Utilizing Nature's Water Source.

Northern Virginia Erosion Control

Over time your land and home will show signs of aging and deterioration after continuous exposure to the elements. Most can be repaired or serviced with minimal disruption. However, failure to install adequate drainage when working with land improvement projects can lead to serious structural safety issues. Erosion control is critical to prevent the loss of valuable topsoil and maintain stable soil structure. More importantly, erosion control eliminates the potential dangers of a compromise or collapse of retaining walls, building foundations, or landscape structures. Permeable pavers and other porous natural materials minimize storm-water runoff, and many regulators are now mandating the use of permeable outdoor surfaces as a necessary step toward sustainable erosion control as a key element of any effective land use or landscape management plan. Ask the erosion control specialists at Premier Paving & Planting for best practice recommendations for your property.

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