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Paver Driveway Alexandria VA

A paver driveway in Alexandria, VA, adds beauty and functionality to a home. They are durable, easy to maintain and increase the home’s curb appeal and according to the experts at Premier Paving and Planting, the right driveway can take a beating while lasting for years.

Durability and Easy to Maintain

A paver driveway in Alexandria, VA, lasts for decades. They last years longer than asphalt and concrete, as well as looking much better. They seldom crack, but if they do, it is a simple matter to remove the single paver and replace it. That saves both money and time. Most do-it-yourselfers already have the tools on hand to do the job, which can be completed in an afternoon.

A paver driveway in Alexandria, VA, needs very little maintenance. Sweep it periodically to get rid of leaves and debris. Use the hose on it to remove surface grime. Use a pressure washer every few years to get rid of built-up dirt. That’s about it.

Curb Appeal

The driveway is usually the first thing that people see when arriving at a house. The first impression that a paver driveway in Alexandria, VA, gives is elegance and beauty.

These driveways come in a wide array of materials. They can be arranged in patterns to personalize the look. Materials like brick, stamped concrete, interlocking pavers and patterned pavers can be combined to produce a truly one-of-a-kind look.

This creates an upscale look that appeals to homebuyers. People appreciate a home that stands out from the crowd. A home with a moneyed look will always draw buyers more quickly than one with a less attractive exterior.

This type of driveway combines form and function. Prospective buyers love the fact that the elegant driveway is also practical, requiring very little maintenance and set to last for many years.

Work with Experts

The team at Premier Paving and Planting has been designing and installing paver driveways since 1987. They offer a variety of materials for the driveway, including concrete, brick pavers, interlocking pavers, stamped concrete pavers, exposed aggregate and patterned driveway pavers. They use the pavers and the overall driveway design to enhance the look of the landscape and the home. The result is a useful, practical, elegant addition to a home.

The company is an authorized contractor for Belgard and Techno-Bloc. They provide a full range of critical structural concrete services, excellent design and professional installation of paver products.

Premier Paving also handles a variety of other exterior projects, including:

  • Paver driveways
  • Paver walkways
  • Paver walls
  • Paver patios
  • Erosion control
  • Fire pits
  • Complete landscape services

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Virginia Retaining Wall customer

We love the new retaining wall. We should have done somethng to solve our backyard drainage problems sooner. No more flooding in the basement! Thanks for ending that problem, and adding a beautiful wall in our backyard too.

- Dr. T. Ramsey
McLean VA

Virginia landscaping customer

Our neighbors keep saying how great our yard looks. I don't have the heart to tell them that with your planning help, it is actually very low maintenance now - and it looks great!

- G. Thomas
Vienna VA

Virginia landscaping customer

Wow! How relaxing it is to come home, sit on the back patio, and listen to the new stream and look at the new pond. We did a lot of research and talked to many other landscaping companies about doing this work. We wanted it to turn out really good, but it turned out even better than our expectations.

- C. Phillips
Oakton VA

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