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Dunn Loring VA Retaining Wall Design

Add Value to Your Property: Build a Wall with Beauty, Strength and Durability

In Dunn Loring, VA, retaining wall design done by experts, like the team at Premier Paving and Planting, combines functionality with curb appeal. Though their main job is to handle a slope in the yard and to restrain soil, they can also be used as focal points in an overall landscape design plan.

Types of Design

Homeowners are limited only by their imagination when it comes to retaining wall design in Dunn Loring, VA. The variety of materials allows for wide scope. These walls can look modern and streamlined, like poured concrete, or rustic and traditional, using natural stone. Bricks fit in with almost every architectural style, as does timber. Blocks can mimic any style at all. They are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, colors, textures and surfaces.

Instead of marring a well planned landscape design, your new retaining wall can actually become its focal point. Skilled designers and landscape contractors know how to blend engineering with the look of the yard and its natural elements. The result is a creative solution to a frustrating soil or terrain problem.

Take the common problem of dealing with a slope on your property, leading to erosion problems. Retaining walls are the logical solution. But they don’t just hold back the soil and fix drainage issues. The right retaining wall design in Dunn Loring, VA, lets landscapers make use of different levels of your yard. They can create terraces that you fill with flowers, vegetable plants and herbs. They can become layered rock gardens or rose gardens, drawing the eye and interest of visitors.

By adding walls to control erosion, you have the chance to set off areas of your yard for patios, entertaining, walkways and living space. They can define zones of use, like play areas for children and pets, garden spots, social gathering points and hidden areas to relax.

It's About Functionality Too

The right retaining wall design in Dunn Loring, VA, is totally functional. It can mark a boundary, hold a slope back, level hilly areas and stop erosion. It prevents further deterioration of the topsoil in an exposed area and creates flat surfaces that make your yard more usable.

Before you build a patio, driveway, walkway, other structure, garage or home, you might need to add a retaining wall to level the terrain and make it buildable.

One side of a retaining wall holds the soil. The other side is free standing and open to view. A good use of retaining wall

design in Dunn Loring, VA, is to raise planting areas to improve the drainage, while at the same time offering seating space. The possibilities of uniting form and function are always present when you build a retaining wall on your property.

Holding back soil is hard work. Your retaining wall needs to be strong and durable if it is to do its job effectively. That’s why retaining wall design in Dunn Loring, VA, should be done by a contractor who is experienced in engineering, soil types and topography. It involves much more than stacking blocks on top of each other. The work needs precise calculation and careful construction methods if you don’t want the wall to fail.

Walls under four feet high require less complex engineering than those that are higher. The taller the wall, the more pressure it must handle and the more complicated the design and construction. Higher walls often need steel reinforcement, precisely determined by loading calculations.

That’s why building permits are needed for retaining walls in most localities. If a wall fails, it can cause extensive damage not just to your yard and home, but also to your neighbor’s. If the wall isn’t built professionally, it can open you up to major liability issues.

Smart homeowners realize that retaining wall design and construction in Dunn Loring, VA, is not a do-it-yourself job. Experienced contractors, like the staff at Premier Paving and Planting, have years of hands-on practical training in the fine art of building effective retaining walls. They know what your particular terrain needs, what is possible and how to add beauty to the final installation.

Work with Professionals

The team here at Premier Paving and Planting in Dunn Loring, VA, has been doing retaining wall design, construction and repair since 1987. We are experts in the precise engineering of walls so they effectively stabilize soil, stop erosion, hold back slopes and add accessibility to your yard.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our customers know that our designs will add beauty and value to their property. Each wall is tailored to fit into the surrounding landscape, providing a focal point, a backdrop or a connecting element that draws it altogether.

We work one-on-one with each client so we understand what your preferences are and how you see the completed wall. Whatever your needs, we can provide a retaining wall design in Dunn Loring, VA, that meets it.

We have one of the largest choices of materials available in the area. Whether you choose blocks, poured concrete, brick, timber or natural stone, we will construct a wall that adds eye appeal and strength to your terrain.

At Premier Paving and Planting, we have the people on staff to handle a wide variety of outdoor projects, both residential and commercial, including:

  • Paver patios
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  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete work
  • Installation of permeable and non-porous pavers
  • Lawn and garden services
  • Landscape design and maintenance
  • Erosion control
  • Fire pits

When it’s time to build a retaining wall, call the experts at Premier Paving and Planting for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Virginia Retaining Wall customer

We love the new retaining wall. We should have done somethng to solve our backyard drainage problems sooner. No more flooding in the basement! Thanks for ending that problem, and adding a beautiful wall in our backyard too.

- Dr. T. Ramsey
McLean VA

Virginia landscaping customer

Our neighbors keep saying how great our yard looks. I don't have the heart to tell them that with your planning help, it is actually very low maintenance now - and it looks great!

- G. Thomas
Vienna VA

Virginia landscaping customer

Wow! How relaxing it is to come home, sit on the back patio, and listen to the new stream and look at the new pond. We did a lot of research and talked to many other landscaping companies about doing this work. We wanted it to turn out really good, but it turned out even better than our expectations.

- C. Phillips
Oakton VA

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