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Paver Patio Dunn Loring VA

A paver patio in Dunn Loring, VA, has charm, beauty and durability. It is easy to maintain and lasts for decades and keeps them in great demand by homebuyers. All these reasons make these patios one of the most cost-effective choices for homeowners.

Beautiful to See, Easy to Maintain

A paver patio in Dunn Loring, VA, can be made with a rainbow of textures, sizes, styles and colors. The different types include brick pavers, stamped concrete pavers, interlocking pavers and patterned pavers. These can be mixed and matched to create a unique design that gives a basic patio personality.

A paver patio in Dunn Loring, VA, is simple to maintain. All it really needs is a quick hosing down to get rid of surface grime and an occasional sweeping to get rid of leaves and other types of debris. They last for many years and keep their good looks the whole time.

If one of the pavers develops a crack, it is a simple matter to just remove it and insert a new paver. This is inexpensive and takes just a couple of hours to do, using tools that people usually have around the house.

Greater Curb Appeal

A paver patio in Dunn Loring, VA, is in demand from homebuyers. Nationwide, patios are on the Top 10 list of features that they will pay more for when house hunting. And paver patios are at the top of their patio lists.

These patios are beautiful and look upscale. They add personality and pizzazz to a home. When buyers find out that they last for many years with minimal upkeep, it adds even more value in their eyes. They are getting a unique patio that is functional, durable and easy to keep looking great.

Because these pavers are pervious and permeable, they are also helpful in storm water management and considered an environmentally friendly choice.

Trust Professionals

Premier Paving and Plantings has been serving the local community since 1987. That means they have almost 30 years experience designing with and installing pavers of all types. They are considered paver experts and have one of the largest selection of pavers in the area.

Premier has a reputation for excellent customer service. They work one-on-one with each client from design through installation. They make sure that the final patio reflects the preferences of the homeowner.

Premier works with a wide range of budgets. They deliver their projects on time. The materials are of the highest quality. In fact, Premier is an authorized contractor for respected manufacturers like Belgard and Techno-Bloc. The builders have the expertise to install a patio that will last for years with no problems.

Premier Paving and Planting handles a wide range of outdoor projects, including:

  • Walkways
  • Erosion control
  • Fire pits
  • Driveways
  • Landscaping
  • Walkways
  • Retaining walls

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Virginia Retaining Wall customer

We love the new retaining wall. We should have done somethng to solve our backyard drainage problems sooner. No more flooding in the basement! Thanks for ending that problem, and adding a beautiful wall in our backyard too.

- Dr. T. Ramsey
McLean VA

Virginia landscaping customer

Our neighbors keep saying how great our yard looks. I don't have the heart to tell them that with your planning help, it is actually very low maintenance now - and it looks great!

- G. Thomas
Vienna VA

Virginia landscaping customer

Wow! How relaxing it is to come home, sit on the back patio, and listen to the new stream and look at the new pond. We did a lot of research and talked to many other landscaping companies about doing this work. We wanted it to turn out really good, but it turned out even better than our expectations.

- C. Phillips
Oakton VA

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