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Paver Patios: the Best Choice for Low Maintenance

In Arlington, VA, paver patios are the popular choice because they require very little maintenance to stay attractive and last for years. They chip and crack less often than other choices, like slab concrete patios. This means families can spend their time enjoying the outdoors instead of constant repair and upkeep.

Paver patios in Arlington, VA, also have great curb appeal. They come in many materials and designs so the look of each patio can be customized. They are eco-friendly, a big concern when people are worrying about the size of the carbon footprint they leave.

Here is an overview of why paver patios in Arlington, VA, are the cost-effective and time-effective choice for savvy homeowners.

Long Lasting and Little Upkeep

Today’s families have busy schedules that never seem to leave enough moments for spending time together. Adults don’t want to waste weekends repairing patios and convincing children to help with upkeep like sweeping. They’d rather having dinner together outside on their patio, invite friends over to watch the big game and keep an eye on their kids as they romp with playmates on the patio.

That’s where paver patios in Arlington, VA, shine. All they need to keep their good looks is an occasional sweeping with a broom to get rid of dead leaves and other debris. Periodically, it’s a good idea to hose it down to get rid of stains and grime. If heavy duty stains or deep dirt is a problem, arranging for a pressure washing will do the job.

Paver patios in Arlington, VA, are durable and strong. In fact, the contractors at Premier Pavers and Planting say they are about three times as strong as patios made with other materials like slab concrete. But individual pavers can crack or chip.

If this happens, it is easy, quick and inexpensive to repair the problem. Simply take out the damaged paver and replace it with a new one. Often you can even flip the old one to display the other side. This can be done in an afternoon using tools that are usually found around the house.

The result is an undamaged looking patio, all of a uniform appearance. That’s quite different from repairing a crack in a concrete patio. The repair looks obvious. The alternative is to replace the entire thing, which is time consuming and expensive.

Wide Range of Styles

With paver patios in Arlington, VA, you have the chance to get creative and design a unique look, one that enhances the appearance of your home’s architecture and exterior décor. That’s why people like to work with the professionals at Premier Paving and Planting, which boasts one of the largest selection of materials in the area.

There are many types of pavers, including bricks, concrete and stone. You can use just one or combine them into your overall plan. Each has its own characteristics and look. Each has a range of natural finishes, shadings, textures, shapes and sizes. This means you can mix and match them into endless choice of patterns.

For example, concrete pavers can be the standard plain, gray ones that you see everywhere. But what about using stamped, scored, acid washed or brushed concrete? These pavers come in a range of colors, not just gray. And there are many types of stone pavers available, including limestone, granite, sandstone, flagstone and slate. Each has its own shadings and textures.

Environmentally Friendly

Choosing the most eco-friendly materials and construction methods is important to families of paver patios in Arlington, VA. That’s one of the big reasons that pavers are so popular. They help with storm water management, which is a critical issue for areas where green space is at a premium.

With paver patios in Arlington, VA, the pavers are laid out with large joints. Underneath are layers of crushed earth and stone, which act as a natural filtration system for runoff. The water runs through the joint areas, through the filtration system and is reabsorbed back into the soil, just like Mother Nature intended.

When the runoff doesn’t have pavers, it just pours off roofs, driveways, patios, sidewalks and roadways and heads for overworked storm drains. Meanwhile, it collects pollutants and contaminants along the way. All of these go into the groundwater, creating environmental problems. In growing residential areas, there is less open area for water runoff to get naturally reabsorbed back into the soil. Paver patios in Arlington, VA, are providing a healthy alternative.

Why People Choose Premier Pavers and Planting

The team here at Premier Pavers and Planting has been serving the Arlington community since 1987. We are proud of our A+ rating on Angie’s list and our reputation for excellent craftsmanship. Our clients appreciate the fact that we listen to their needs and keep in constant touch during the project. When you work with us, there are never any surprises about costs or deadlines. We keep you fully informed.

We have the training and experience to do the job right. We have a range of certifications, including ICPI, NCMA and PICP. We are authorized contractors for Tech-Pro and Belgard, both highly respected manufacturers.

We offer our customers one of the biggest selections of pavers in the area. Our trained staff can help you select the best material for your needs. We can work within a range of budgets, producing one-of-a-kind paver patios in Arlington, VA, that exceed expectation.

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  • Landscape design

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We love the new retaining wall. We should have done somethng to solve our backyard drainage problems sooner. No more flooding in the basement! Thanks for ending that problem, and adding a beautiful wall in our backyard too.

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Our neighbors keep saying how great our yard looks. I don't have the heart to tell them that with your planning help, it is actually very low maintenance now - and it looks great!

- G. Thomas
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Wow! How relaxing it is to come home, sit on the back patio, and listen to the new stream and look at the new pond. We did a lot of research and talked to many other landscaping companies about doing this work. We wanted it to turn out really good, but it turned out even better than our expectations.

- C. Phillips
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