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Preserve Your Yard with a Springfield VA Retaining Wall

A retaining wall in Springfield, VA, is both practical and aesthetic. It preserves the soil from drainage and erosion problems and stabilizes it so you can use your property. It can also work as an integral part of your landscape design.

What Does a Retaining Wall Do?

A retaining wall as you may know, holds soil in place behind the wall. It stabilizes the soil to prevent erosion and keeps slopes in place and in some cases, the walls are built purely to lend an attractive element to a landscape design. In most cases, a retaining wall in Springfield, VA, is both practical and aesthetic.

A retaining wall can stop soil from getting washed away through erosion as it prevents runoff from washing off the soil. It is a vital part of an overall erosion control strategy for a yard.

When a retaining wall in Springfield, VA, is used for stability, it is part of a plan to keep sloping areas in a yard stable. Slopes naturally apply pressure on the soil that causes the soil to move downward. The retaining wall redistributes this pressure, allowing you to landscape the area without worrying about a sliding hillside.

A retaining wall at your Springfield, VA home can reshape the surface to produce a flat surface for homes, patios, walkways, driveways, garages, pools and other structures. Until the area is flat and the erosion issue is dealt with, it is pointless to build a structure on it. That’s why a well-engineered retaining wall is so important.

When used for visual appeal, a retaining wall in Springfield, VA, can add vertical interest to a yard. It can provide a unifying component. As an example, a wall can run alongside a pathway through the yard, giving it uniformity and drawing the eye.

Types of Retaining Walls

There are four main types of retaining walls. Here is a look at how each can help specific problems in your yard.

Gravity. This type of wall uses the weight of its mass, whether made from stone, concrete or another heavy material, to resist the pressure of the soil behind it. These walls often lean back into the soil that they are preserving.

Cantilevered. This type of wall needs expert engineering and construction. It is often made of concrete block or poured concrete with steel reinforcement. They are usually designed with input from a geologist and soils engineer. A structural engineer actually draws up the plans.

Sheet piling. This type of wall is best in areas with soft soils and limited spaces. They are made from steel, wood planks or vinyl that are driven deep into the ground. If they are tall, they need a tie-back anchor tied to the wall with a rod or cable.

Anchored. This type of wall can be made with any of the other three styles, but it also has added strength from cables and other methods. This keeps it anchored in the soil or rock behind it.

Materials for Retaining Walls

The team at Premier Paving and Planting use a variety of materials for a retaining wall in Springfield, VA, that are strong, durable and attractive. This means the wall that is providing extra gardening space or a place to relax is also eye-catching and an essential part of an effective landscape design.

Common materials used by Premier include concrete blocks, natural stone, concrete, bricks and timber. The experts at Premier can guide you through material selection. Some types of walls require specific materials.

Trust Professionals

The team at Premier Paving and Planting has years of experience serving the local community. Whether it is a retaining wall in Springfield, VA, a custom driveway or a fire pit for the backyard, we know how to help you get the use from your property and add value to your home, your biggest investment.

The people here at Premier have been serving the local community since 1987. We have earned a reputation for caring customer service and direct communication. Every client we work with is constantly updated about the progress of the job, from the design through the installation. There are never any unwelcome surprises when you work with Premier, especially with costs and deadlines. That’s because we keep you in the loop about changes and problems.

Premier Planting and Paving offers both landscaping services and hardscape design and installation. This means we bring the best of both types of work to every job we do. For example, our patio and driveway design take into consideration the surrounding landscape. And we might use hardscapes, like a retaining wall in Springfield, VA, to enhance the look of rose gardens and herb gardens.

At Premier, we take pride in working with a variety of budgets. No job is too big or too small. We help homeowners and businesses make the most of their outdoor living space.

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for quality workmanship, creative design and superior materials. We specialize in the most environmentally beneficial landscape design and installations possible. We work hard to make our hardscapes environmentally friendly. That’s why we use permeable pavers that allow runoff to get harmlessly reabsorbed into the soil and naturally filtered as it moves through the joints between pavers. This helps with storm water management and helps protect the quality of our local water.

At Premier Paving and Planting, we have earned the coveted A+ rating from Angie’s List. Our team is licensed and insured. We are certified with ICPI, NCMA and PICP. We are an authorized contractor for Belgard and a pro contractor for Techno-Bloc. These are two of the most respected names in the paver industry.

Premier Paving and Planting handles a variety of exterior projects for your home and business, including:

  • Retaining walls
  • Paver walkways
  • Paver driveways
  • Paver patios
  • Hardscape structures and surfaces
  • Concrete work
  • Erosion control and drainage solutions
  • Fire pits
  • Landscape design and maintenance

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Virginia Retaining Wall customer

We love the new retaining wall. We should have done somethng to solve our backyard drainage problems sooner. No more flooding in the basement! Thanks for ending that problem, and adding a beautiful wall in our backyard too.

- Dr. T. Ramsey
McLean VA

Virginia landscaping customer

Our neighbors keep saying how great our yard looks. I don't have the heart to tell them that with your planning help, it is actually very low maintenance now - and it looks great!

- G. Thomas
Vienna VA

Virginia landscaping customer

Wow! How relaxing it is to come home, sit on the back patio, and listen to the new stream and look at the new pond. We did a lot of research and talked to many other landscaping companies about doing this work. We wanted it to turn out really good, but it turned out even better than our expectations.

- C. Phillips
Oakton VA

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